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  • Experience implementing Relational Database Systems like SQL Server or MySQL.
  • Basic knowledge of Non-Relational Database Systems like Azure Cosmos DB or Mongo DB
  • General understanding of Azure

About this course

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As expert Software Architect Zoiner Tejada notes, “The cloud is changing the way applications are designed, including how data is processed and stored.” In addition, business teams and roles are morphing and modernizing along with the cloud, such that administrator and developer tasks and responsibilities overlap more and more - especially in the area of data architecture. And it’s as much about the technology choices and system architecture as it is about the data architecture and the applications.

One thing that’s clear when exploring these new roles is that no one designs in a vacuum. Experts work in teams, collaborate, and bring in specialists that go deep on specific technical areas. They talk to business owners, determine requirements, analyze existing systems, draft specifications, and more. Does this sound like you and your colleagues? Whether you’re the system architect, the application architect, the cloud architect, or another specialist or consultant, if you’re on one of these teams, this course can help train you on data architecture design at the highest planning level.

In these comprehensive sessions, start with an exploration of some of the core business problems that you need to solve when you design systems, such as cross-border data governance issues, PII regulations, GDPR, global-scale, security, and monitoring. Take a look at technology options, since these complex issues often inform your technology decisions. Learn about the patterns that can help resolve these problems, along with how to implement those patterns. As you look at the design choices you’d make in a modern cloud app from the perspective of traditional OLTP-style applications, bring these pieces together to create the systems and structures to manage the data in your solutions.

Dive into case studies in this advanced course, get hands-on with design exercises, see how business and technology problems are brought together and solved, and learn how to design data platform solutions and applications that meet critical business needs.

What you'll learn

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  • Common data-platform business problems, such as cross-border data governance, security, and global-scale
  • Technology choices for storage and orchestration and reporting
  • Common data patterns for transactional systems, time series, and hybrid data solutions

Meet your instructors

Pete Harris
Senior Content Developer
Microsoft’s Learning Experiences
Sidney Andrews
Microsoft Certified Trainer, Cloud Applications Consultant
Zoiner Tejada
CEO & Architect

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