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  • Experience working in an organization delivering software,either in development or in operations
  • Knowledge and experience working with Cloud based solutions,preferably experience using Microsoft Azure

About this course

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This course provides the fundamental concepts to prepare you for deeper dives into specific DevOps practices. 

We will cover deploying and configuring standardized infrastructure, automating builds and deployments using continuous integration and continuous deployment with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and automating testing before release and whilst in production. 

The course will also cover continuous learning from production, and how to improve and scale business results based on application monitoring.

After completing this course, you should be able to understand how to begin crafting a release pipeline that includes continuous integration techniques, continuous testing practices, monitoring, treating infrastructure and configuration as code, and deploying frequently and automatically. 

It is intended for both Development and Operations professionals, who are interested in learning and adopting DevOps practices.

What you'll learn

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  • DevOps core values, principles and practices
  • How to deploy to IaaS and PaaS environments in Microsoft Azure using ARM templates, Desired State Configuration (DSC) and other deployment tools
  • Build and deploy applications automatically to Dev, Test and Production environments 
  • Continuous learning from production to improve and scale business results. 
  • Unit tests, Integration tests, load tests, UI tests and test driven-development
  • Data retention strategies, exposure control strategies, and hypothesis-driven development.
This course contains the following content
  • Module 0: Course Overview:
    • Welcome
    • Course Overview
    • Pre-Course Survey
  • Module 1: DevOps Fundamentals
    • Overview
    • Why DevOps
    • Sustainable DevOps
    • Compliance and security in DevOps
    • Change Agents and the DevOps Journey
    • Supplemental learning
    • Review Questions
  • Module 2: Deploy and Configure Standardized Environments
    • Overview
    • Environments in IaaS/PaaS and with Containers
    • ARM Templates and Desired State Configuration
    • Supplemental learning
    • Review Questions
  • Module 3: Build and Deploy Automatically to Production Often and Consistently
    • Overview
    • Automated Builds
    • Automated Deployments
    • Package Management and Containers
    • Lab: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
    • Supplemental learning
    • Review Questions
  • Module 4: Test Automatically Before and In Production
    • Overview
    • DevOps Testing Concepts
    • Continuous Testing
    • Lab: Testing in Production
    • Supplemental learning
    • Review Questions
  • Module 5:Continuous Learning from Production to Improve and Scale Business results
    • Overview
    • Application Performance Monitoring
    • Exposure Strategies
    • Hypothesis-Driven Development
    • Lab: Application Performance Monitoring
    • Supplemental learning
    • Review Questions
  • Final Exam
    • Introduction to DevOps Practices: Final Exam
    • Post-Course Survey

Meet your instructors

Eamonn Kelly
Content Developer
Samantha Lindsey-Ahmed
Senior Content Developer

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