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About this course

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This course explores how anyone can be a successful startup entrepreneur or corporate innovator by thoughtfully examining themselves and the business opportunity. By harnessing these insights and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, you can create and transform an entrepreneurial idea into a new startup company or corporate venture.

Over 800,000 people have used The Opportunity Analysis Canvas that is the basis of this course. Designed by Dr. James V. Green, the lead faculty for this course, this unique model equips you to identify and analyze a new business opportunity that aligns with your startup entrepreneurship or corporate innovation interests.

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas distills vast amounts of research in psychology, sociology, and business into a practical how-to guide for aspiring and active entrepreneurs and innovators. The course presents a whole new understanding of entrepreneurial mindset and action. The course is structured as a nine-step experience segmented into thinking entrepreneurially, seeing entrepreneurially, and acting entrepreneurially.

What you'll learn

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  • Develop the skills for identifying and analyzing entrepreneurial ideas;
  • Foster thinking entrepreneurially with an awareness of entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial motivation, and entrepreneurial behavior;
  • Cultivate seeing entrepreneurially with attention to industry conditions, industry status, macroeconomic change, and competition; and
  • Champion acting entrepreneurially with an understanding of value innovation and opportunity identification.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Startup Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation - This module includes a welcome to the course, an orientation to our teaching approach and faculty, and an introduction to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Module 2: Thinking Entrepreneurially - We examine entrepreneurial thinking within yourself and your colleagues with an awareness of entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial motivations, and entrepreneurial behaviors.
  • Module 3: Seeing Entrepreneurially - We facilitate seeing entrepreneurially within yourself and your colleagues with attention to industry conditions, industry status, macroeconomic change, and competition.
  • Module 4: Acting Entrepreneurially - We explore acting entrepreneurially  with an understanding of value innovation and opportunity identification.

Meet your instructors

James Green
Director of Entrepreneurship Education
University of Maryland

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Learner testimonials

“The course helped me gain insights on opportunity analysis, market potential, idea validation, and value innovation. The way the course is structured is really commendable. The best part is "The Opportunity Canvas". I am really thankful to you for providing an awesome courses.”

“I found tremendous value in the course and appreciate the new insights provided. Thank you for a well structured and informative series of lectures.”

“I'm just an 18 year old guy with tons of curiosity around business structure and companies in general. Your class really made a mind change in how I see the world.”

“Although my entrepreneurial context is completely different from the American one (I live in Europe), there are general concepts that can be applied in any place.”

“I am in charge entrepreneurship at our college. I wanted to get more real knowledge about entrepreneurship, how to support and motivate my students. The course was excellent and everything is well scheduled and executed. The course is so user friendly that anyone can easily complete the course. I would definitely recommend this course to my students as well.”