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  • Programming in C#
  • Understanding of ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and LINQ
  • Basic experience with HTML and CSS is a plus
  • Basic SQL Server programming is a plus

About this course

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In this course, you will be guided through the development process of building a real-world web application using ASP.NET Core MVC.  You'll gain practical, industry software engineering skills by getting hands-on practice with building a web application from start to finish, with a focus on back-end web development. 

This course is perfect for the student who has been exposed to back-end web development concepts and ASP.NET Core, but would like to gain practical experience putting these skills to work.  You will be guided through the process of building CoreBB, a realistic bulletin board web application.  By the end of this course, you should have a working web application that you can use to demonstrate your skills, or continue working on to further your learning.

Throughout the course, you'll gain practical experience with building and querying models, routing, a basic exposure to authentication and authorization, and more.  You'll start by learning to analyze requirements and formulate the database design of the application.  Next, you'll learn how to set up the basic web application, scaffold the business models, and set up the basic views and content.  From there, you'll implement basic authentication and user management for the application.  Finally, you'll learn how to implement CRUD operations for the remaining business models.  At the end of the course, you will have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge by implementing an additional   feature using what you've learned.

Release schedule:
This course is of rolling release model, there are 6 modules in this course, M00 and M01 are released when the course is live, other modules will be released according to the following schedule:
  • Module 2: May 5th
  • Module 3: May 8th
  • Module 4-5: May 12nd

What you'll learn

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  • Build and query models
  • Implement routing
  • Create Models and Controllers that responds to user actions
  • Use the parameters of a controller to affect the contents returned in the ActionResult
  • Write code in Action filters that executes before or after a Controller Action.
  • Create Models that automatically generate UI elements based on actions or events
  • Create models that perform validation
  • Validate User Input with Data Annotations
  • Use Tag Helpers
  • Work with Entity Framework Core
  • Implement basic authentication and authorization
Module 01: Requirements Analysis and Application Design
Learn how to analyze project requirements and create an appropriate database design for the web application.

Module 02: Authentication and User Management
Learn how to initialize and configure a basic ASP.NET Core web application, set up the basic views, and scaffold the necessary business models with Entity Framework Core.

Module 03: Application Setup and Scaffolding
Learn how to implement basic authentication and user management including login, logout, register and password reset scenarios.
Module 04: Implementation
Learn how to implement the CRUD operations for the necessary business model entities.  In the self-assessment lab at the end of this module, you will be responsible for completing the implementation of message management operations.

Meet your instructors

Timothy Liu
Full-stack software engineer and technical writer
Myriad System
Bre’Ana Deen
Content Developer

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