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You're invited to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Alien Worlds Professor Andrew West (Boston University) on July 2, 2015!

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  • 1PM - 3PM ET: Andrew will answer questions. Be sure to log in, ask your questions, and upvote others' questions to help guide the conversation.

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About Andrew West: Andrew West is an Associate Professor in the Department of Astronomy at Boston University (BU). West’s major research interests center around using low-mass stars (the smallest, yet most numerous stars in the Milky Way) to understand the structure and evolution of the Milky Way galaxy, the environments that host exoplanets, and various processes on the stars themselves. Professor West has a strong commitment to his role as a scholar-teacher and has been the instructor for Alien Worlds at Boston University since 2011. In 2013, he was awarded an NSF CAREER grant and a Cottrell Scholarship for his research and teaching endeavors, including his efforts to increase the diversity of Astronomy and other science fields. Professor West recently received the Gitner Award for Teaching Excellence from the College of Arts and Sciences at BU and was selected as a Scialog Fellow by the Research Corporation.

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