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MicroBachelors® Programs
for Undergraduate Education

Boost your skills now, earn college credit for your future.

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No matter if you have some or no college experience, MicroBachelors programs are built for adult learners looking to progress their career. Created by top universities and influenced by Fortune 1000 companies, edX’s MicroBachelors programs are the only path to a Bachelor’s degree that make you job-ready today and credentialed along the way. Now you don’t have to wait years to change your future.

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Average cost per credit

$166 USD/credit
MicroBachelors® programs
$308 USD/credit
Nonprofit Online College
$594 USD/credit
Undergraduate National Average


At around $166 USD per credit, edX MicroBachelors programs are one of the most affordable ways to access college classes. And with many companies helping to cover education costs for eligible employees, it may come at little or no cost to you to get started.

Flexible and Relevant

Flexible and Relevant

Flexible & Relevant

With MicroBachelors programs, start with the content that matters most to you, online at your own pace. Earn a certificate with each one to show off your new achievement, knowing that you've developed skills that companies actually hire for.

Real College Credit

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Real College Credit

Each program comes with real, transferable college credit from one of edX's university credit partners. Combined with previous credit you may have already collected or plan to get in the future, MicroBachelors programs put you on a path to earning a full bachelor's degree.

Corporate Learning & Development

MicroBachelors programs are an affordable and effective way to upskill your workforce. Whether you are interested in offering education benefits to attract and retain employees, creating internal pathways for career development, or highlighting your investment in education for a better society; we can work with your team to tailor the right solution.

Corporate Learning & Development

More about MicroBachelors programs

Created in a unique partnership with innovative colleges, universities, and corporations, MicroBachelors programs are a series of college classes that have been customized and grouped together to meet the real-world needs of employers. Learning that quickly pays off with relevant skills for the workforce while also leading to long-term success as a pathway toward earning a Bachelor's degree; the universally recognized standard of undergraduate achievement.

No applications. MicroBachelors programs are designed for you to get started quickly, cutting out hassles like an application processes, unexpected fees, and academic jargon.

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