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Alixandra Pollack

Director, Research at Catalyst

About Me

Alixandra Pollack conducts research on organizational practices, examining diversity and inclusion efforts, change models, and the career experiences of women and men throughout the talent pipeline. As a member of the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice, Alix focuses on corporate change strategies and the role of organizational and societal culture in creating inclusive workplaces. She has a strong focus on global work and cross-cultural themes, in particular through her management of the Culture Matters Research series and lead role in extending research to Mexico and other emerging markets, as well as through her leadership of Catalyst’s Global Issues Specialty Team – an internal group that builds knowledge and fields expertise requests on relevant topics such as: global trends, cultural sensitivity, regional variations, and diversity issues in emerging markets. Her work also includes research on organizational strategies related to LGBT inclusion and a role in Catalyst’s Practices team and Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI). In addition to her position in the research department, Alix is a member of the Men’s Issue Specialty Team dedicated to supporting the engagement of men as champions of workplace inclusion and equality, as well as the Millennial ERG focused on generational trends.

Prior to joining Catalyst in 2011, Alix was an Advisor for the Permanent Mission of the Cote D’Ivoire at the United Nations. She holds a BA from Brandeis University and MPH in Global Public Health from George Washington University. Alix is fluent in Spanish.

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