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Azza Ezzat

Head of Scientific Publishing and Conferences Section, Calligraphy Center at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Areas of expertise

  • - Egyptology
  • - Digital conservation of cultural heritage
  • - E-learning in the dissemination of Egyptological knowledge production

Major works

Editor for Calligraphy Center’s publications as:

  • Abgadiyat, a scientific refereed journal.
  • Scripts, by Olaf Berggren
  • Words from Life in Ancient Egypt, by Marwa El Qady (For Children)
  • How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs, by Mark Collier and Bill Manley
  • Lost Languages, by Andrew Robinson
  • Participated in translating books and articles related to languages and scripts as:
  • “History of Writing From Ideogram to Multimedia”, by Anne-Marie Christine
  • “Reading the Maya Glyphs”, by Michael D. Co
  • Coordinator of the website “The Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies” (DLIC).
  • Assistant supervisor of the Website “Learn Hieroglyphs: Step by Step”.
  • Published Books and Academic Articles:
  • Mansour, A., Ezzat, A., Azab, K. (2016) _The Rosetta Stone, _Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria. (Arabic edition)
  • Mansour, A., Ezzat, A., (2015) The Crucial Role of e-learning in the promotion of Egyptology: “Hieroglyphs: Step by Step Website as a Case Study”. The 11th Congress of Egyptologists-Florence. (under printing).
  • Ezzat, A. (2014) Technological and Scientific Challenges for Digital Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Egypt The Digital Library for Inscriptions, Calligraphies and Writings (DLIC) Exemplar. IN M., Pinarello, Y. Justin (et al.) (eds.) Current Research in Egyptology. London, 209-216.
  • Ezzat, A. (2014) Caricature and Humor in Ancient Egypt, IN Khaled Azab (ed.) _Memory of Egypt Magazine. _Alexandria, 38-42.
  • Ezzat, A. (2010) The Digital Library for recording Inscriptions and Calligraphies. IN Polis, S., Winand, J. (ed.) Texts, Languages & Information, Technology in Egyptology. Liège, 157-161.

About Me

Azza has a PhD from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Tour Guiding Department, Alexandria University. Azza Ezzat is an Egyptologist, and is also interested in the technological and scientific tools for digital conservation of cultural heritage. She was responsible for creating a database through a digital library for recording different ancient inscriptions through the project entitled "The Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies" (DLIC). In 2006, She received an award from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development for the best translated book from French into Arabic histoire de l’écriture de l’idéogramme au multimédia.

Courses and Programs taught by Azza Ezzat