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Barton Zwiebach

Professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Me

Barton Zwiebach is a Professor of Physics at MIT. His specialty is String Theory and Theoretical Particle Physics. His central contributions have been in the area of String Field Theory, where he did the early work on the construction of open string field theory and then developed the field theory of closed strings. Zwiebach has also made important contributions to the subject of D-branes with exceptional symmetry, the subject of tachyon condensation, and T-duality.

Professor Zwiebach is a distinguished educator and is well known for his contributions to undergraduate education. He created a “String Theory for Undergraduates” course at MIT, and based on the lectures from this course wrote an undergraduate textbook, A First Course in String Theory, published by Cambridge University Press.

Courses and Programs taught by Barton Zwiebach