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Benson Lau

Associate Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Areas of expertise

  • Occupational Therapy

About Me

Benson has been teaching human anatomy for seven years and kept on studying anatomy for over 20 years . When he was studying dissection with Prof. Peter W Lucas at the early 21 century, he had an insight into learning anatomy: acquiring knowledge from different ways (reading, listening, touching, thinking, surfing, watching movie, etc.) would greatly benefit the learning outcome. These include consolidation of information, maintaining the motivation to learn, enjoying the process of active learning and application of knowledge. He hopes this MOOC would act as a ‘starter’ for students to maintain the motivation to learn. Benson’s current research work focuses on exploring how environmental factors, both positive and negative, affect neuroplasticity and behavior, which would suggest possible therapeutic options of rehabilitation for those in need.

Courses and Programs taught by Benson Lau

1 course