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Bhaskar Pant

Executive Director, MIT Professional Education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Me

Executive Director, MIT Professional Education

Following a very successful first run of this course earlier this year, MIT Professional Education is pleased to offer once again this comprehensive course featuring globally recognized MIT faculty experts addressing one of the most important challenges facing industry today. With the breadth of topics and applications covered, I am confident this course will allow industry players to not only learn of new approaches to big data, but will spark innovative thinking among teams charged with finding solutions to their own set of big data challenges.


今年年初成功初次举办此课程后,MIT专业教育很高兴能再次提供这一综合课程, 此课程的特色是由麻省理工学院全球公认的专家来破解当今行业面临的最重要的挑战之一。 这门课程的主题和应用覆盖广泛,我有信心它不仅能让计算机行家们学习大数据的新方法,而且还会激发团队的创新思维,使他们能寻求解决自己大数据挑战的方法。"

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