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Boris Korsunsky

Honors Physics and AP Physics at Weston High School

About Me

Boris Korsunsky began his career as an educator in his native Russia and has been teaching in the US since 1993. Since 2000, he has been teaching Honors Physics and AP Physics at Weston High School in Weston, Mass. Dr. Korsunsky holds graduate degrees in Physical Chemistry and Physics and a doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education. His 2003 dissertation focused on analyzing the cognition of solving challenging physics problems. A former coach of the US Physics Team, Dr. Korsunsky has authored many articles and books including Challenging Problems for Physics and, most recently, Trophy Wives Don’t Need Advanced Physics. Boris is also the editor of Physics Challenges column in The Physics Teacher magazine and a consultant for several test-development and online-education companies. He has led many workshops for physics teachers in the US and around the world. Dr. Korsunsky has extensive experience in online education, having collaborated on various projects since 1999; he has been heavily involved in creating MasteringPhysics platform and MRevX course offered by edX. He has been collaborating with edX directly since 2013. Dr. Korsunsky’s hobbies include reading, writing, traveling and competitive badminton.

Courses and Programs taught by Boris Korsunsky