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Chris Roelfsema

About Me

Dr. Chris Roelfsema developed applications for integrating field and remote sensing data for mapping, monitoring and modelling coral and seagrass environments helping researchers and managers to understand and conserve these environments better. Chris received a BSc in Hydrographic surveying (1989), Msc in Geodetic Engineering (1993) Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, PgDip in Marine Science (1999) and PhD Coral Reef and Seagrass Remote Sensing (2009) from the University of Queensland. In his work he develops various remote sensing approaches integrated with benthic field data collected through snorkelling/diving or automated underwater vehicles with high spatial resolution satellite imagery. His research has strong national and international collaboration and the results are used as input to model the impacts of sea-level rise, marine park planning and understand the trends of benthic communities in coral and seagrass environment.

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