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Clare E. Collins

Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Newcastle

Areas of expertise

  • - Dietary intake assessment
  • - Dietary intervention during key life stages
  • - Effectiveness of dietary intervention on chronic disease
  • - Nutrition translation and communication

Major works

AES® online tool Collins et al, Newcastle Innovation. Launched April 2016 Australia’s Healthy Eating Quiz Collins et al, Newcastle Innovation. v1 launched 2012, v2 launched 2013, v3 launched July 2016

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About Me

Clare is a Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Newcastle in Australia. She loves nutrition and does a lot of research related to healthy eating to improve health and well-being. She has published over 250 research papers and supervised lots of budding researchers and research studies.

Clare currently leads a really big team of dietician researchers who have a major focus on using smart technologies for the assessment of dietary intake and evaluation of nutrition interventions in key life stages and chronic health conditions.

Clare is passionate about nutrition communication and loves translating the latest scientific evidence into practical strategies that help people to adopt and enjoy healthier eating habits.

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