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Costas Nikiforidis

Assistant Professor, Biobased Chemistry and Technology at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • - Natural complexes
  • - Supramolecular chemistry
  • - Biomass separation

Major works

  • Van der Goot A.J., Pelgrom P., Berghout J.A.M., Geerts M., Jankowiak L., Hardt N., Schutyser M., Nikiforidis C.V., Boom R.M.
    Concepts for further sustainable production of foods.
    Journal of Food Engineering, 168: 42-51, 2016
  • Nikiforidis C.V., Scholten E.
    Polymer organogelation by chitin and chitin nanocrystals.
    RSC Advances, 47: 37789-37799, 2015
  • Nikiforidis C.V., de Vries A., Scholten E.
    Natural amphiphilic proteins as tri-block Janus particles: Self sorting into thermo-responsive gels.
    European Physics Letters, 107(5): 5800, 2014

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About Me

Costas Nikiforidis is an assistant professor at Wageningen University & Research. His research focusses on understanding the molecular interactions in biomass, leading to sustainable separations into valuable building blocks of advanced materials.

Courses and Programs taught by Costas Nikiforidis


Biobased Sciences for Sustainability

MicroMasters® Program
6 courses


Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

MicroMasters® Program
4 courses