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Cristina Sganga

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Cristina has worked in the human rights field since 1985 with the specific focus of promoting a better understanding and use of human rights standards to enhance the capacity of States to fulfil their obligations and promote the participation of industry and civil society in the protection and promotion of rights. For most of the 1990’s Ms. Sganga coordinated Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education worldwide programme and is a co-founder of Human Right Education Associates, a recognised provider of human rights e-courses to major human rights organisations such as the UN and Amnesty International.
She left Amnesty International to research and work in the field of reform of the administration of justice. She has worked for the UN, European Union Agencies (Frontex, FRA, EASO), universities, and civil society organisations. She has published several books and articles on human rights training and its role in social transformation, and she has lectured extensively on crisis management and the role of human rights and training in capacity and peace building. She has travelled extensively in Latin America, Africa, Europe; she has dual Colombian and Italian nationality. She holds a Masters degree in Social Sciences (Honours) from Amsterdam University, Netherlands.

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