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Dan Lloyd

Areas of expertise

  • Consciousness, from the standpoints of philosophy, phenomenology, and neuroscience
  • Data visualization, sonification, and animation
  • Philosophy in Literature

Major works

  • Subjective Time: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Temporality (co-edited with Valtteri Arstila), MIT Press, 2014
  • Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness, an exploration of consciousness presented as noir detective fiction, MIT Press, 2004
  • _Simple Minds, _a philosophical examination of scientific approaches to the mind and brain, Bradford Books/MIT Press,1989

Lloyd’s animations and sonification of brain activity have been presented in New York City, Great Britain, and Austria.

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About Me

Dan Lloyd is the Thomas C. Brownell Professor of Philosophy and a Professor of Neuroscience at Trinity College, where he has taught since 1987. He received his BA from Oberlin College and his MA, MPhil, and PhD from Columbia University.

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