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Daniela Rus

Director, MIT Computer Science at MIT

About Me

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. Rus’ research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing, and programmable matter. At CSAIL, she has led numerous groundbreaking research projects in the areas of transportation, security, environmental modeling and monitoring, underwater exploration, and agriculture. Her research group, the Distributed Robotics Lab, has developed modular and self-reconfiguring robots, systems of self-organizing robots, networks of robots and sensors for first responders, mobile sensor networks, techniques for cooperative underwater robotics, and new technology for desktop robotics. They have built robots that can tend a garden, bake cookies from scratch, cut birthday cake, fly in swarms without human aid to perform surveillance functions, and dance with humans.

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Rus是电气工程和计算机科学和计算机科学的主任和人工智能实验室(CSAIL)MIT教授。 Rus的研究方向包括分布式机器人,移动计算和可编程物质。 在CSAIL,她曾主导众多开创性的研究项目,横跨交通、安全、环境建模、监控、水下勘探和农业等多个领域。 她的研究小组,分布式机器人实验室,开发过模块化和自重构机器人、自主机器人组织系统、机器人和第一反应者传感器网络、移动传感器网络、水下机器人遥控技术以及桌上型机器人新技术。 他们建造的机器人,可以照料花园、完整地烘烤饼干、切生日蛋糕、无人操控下成群执行检测功能以及与人共舞。


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