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David F. Chernoff

Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University

About Me

David Chernoff is a professor of astronomy at Cornell University and an expert in theoretical astrophysics. He joined the faculty in 1987 and has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses on a range of topics including stars, galaxies, stellar dynamics, compact objects, interstellar medium, cosmology, and computing. He received from Cornell the Merrill Presidential Award for educational contributions and from the National Science Foundation, a Presidential Young Investigator's Award for research.

Chernoff's current research interests encompass cosmology, quantum mechanics, statistics, and numerical methods for solving analytically intractable problems in physics. One exciting intersection of these different interests involves exploring constraints that astrophysical observations can place on the fundamental theories of physics and cosmology that have emerged over the past two decades.

Chernoff received his PhD from University of California, Berkeley in 1985.

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