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David Karger

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT

About Me

David R. Karger is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He leads the Haystack group, devoted to making it easier for people to create, find, organize, manipulate, and share information individually and socially. He co-led MIT's _SIMILE _project, a collaboration with MIT Libraries and the World Wide Web consortium developing tools to improve the management and retrieval of information for libraries. He is responsible for Karger's algorithm, a Monte Carlo method to compute the minimum cut of a connected graph. Karger has spent time working at Akamai and consults for Google, Microsoft, and Vanu Inc.

David R. Karger是MIT电子工程和计算机科学的一名教授。 他带领的Haystack组,致力于使人们更容易地创造、发现、管理、操作和个人或社会化地分享信息。 他参与领导的MIT的SIMILE项目,与MIT图书馆和万维网联盟合作开发用以提高图书馆信息管理和检索的工具。 他负责 卡尔格算法,一种 计算连通图 的最小切割的 蒙特卡罗方法。 Karger 曾在Akamai工作 并担任谷歌, 微软和 Vanu公司的谘询顾问。

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