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David L. Neil

IT Consultant at

About Me

David L. Neil is an IT consultant. He has been working 'on the web' for decades - so yes, that is a grey beard he keeps tripping-over. HTML5 and its related technologies are a huge step-forward, releasing capabilities we could only dream about when he first started.

During his career he has frequently found himself on the 'bleeding edge' of technology and having to find new ways to apply or combine multiple tools to achieve synergistic results. After moving to industry as a consultant and finding himself asked to do 'all the training' for colleagues, he was 'poached' by a Technical Institute. He established their computer department, and (back in the eighties and the time of mini-computers) created the first such institution to offer an introduction in appropriately applied computing, to every full-time student regardless of course or discipline. Since then, he has specialized in vocational and workplace training, with the occasional guest lectureship back in the world of formal education. He is fascinated by the opportunities offered by MOOCs - both as a trainee and as a trainer, and is researching cognitive psychology/neuroscience seeking efficacies the Internet might offer.

David has worked in many different countries, in multiple languages and cultures; for multinationals and worldwide organizations such as the UN and the World Bank. David is a Gulf Vet and has also been involved in various Project Rescue and whole company 'rescue' efforts. His current location is New Zealand, but also works for long-term clients in Britain, continental-Europe, and USA.

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