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Michel Riksen

Assistant Professor, Soil Physics and Land Management at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • Wind erosion and (coastal) dune formation in the Netherlands
  • Social-economic aspects of (wind) erosion
  • Soil conservation measures
  • Geomorphology in landscape ecology

Major works

  • Goossens, D. and Riksen M.J.P.M. (Eds), 2004. Wind Erosion and Dust Dynamics: Observations, Simulations, Modeling.
  • Riksen, M.J.P.M., 2006. Wind Born(e) Landscapes: The role of wind erosion in agricultural land management and nature development. PhD thesis.
  • Riksen, M.J.P.M., Brouwer, F. and De Graaff, J., 2003. Soil conservation policy measures to control wind erosion in north-western Europe. In: Catena 52, 309-326.

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About Me

Michel Riksen is an assistant professor in the Soil Physics and Land Management group (SLM) of Wageningen University & Research. In 1994 he finished his MSc at Wageningen University in Tropical Land Management with a specialization in Erosion and Soil & Water Conservation. In 1998 he got his first research position in an EU-funded Wind Erosion project. In this project he worked on soil conservation measures and social-economic and policy aspects of wind erosion in the northern West European region. In 2001 he received a PhD fellowship from the Cornelis Lely Foundation for a research project entitled: Making use of Wind and Water Erosion in Landscape Development which investigated the role of soil erosion processes in nature development. After his PhD he continued to work on wind erosion processes in inland drift sands in the Netherlands as a Post-doc researcher. In 2009 he became an assistant professor in the SLM group teaching planning and design of soil and water conservation measures and land management strategies. He is involved in several research projects on wind erosion.

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