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Duane Roen

Vice Provost, Polytechnic Campus at Arizona State University

Areas of expertise

  • Composition Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Assessing Writing
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Audience

About Me

Since childhood, Duane Roen has been interested in how people learn to write. Since his days as an undergraduate, he has been interested in how teachers can help students learn to write. His research interests have evolved throughout his career, and he is now most interested in collaborative writing, audience, gender and written language, and professional development for graduate students. He loves to make connections among disciplines, which means that he can draw on many fields in his scholarship—rhetorical theory, composition theory, literary theory, linguistics, psychology, sociology, feminism, anthropology. Because his interest in collaborative writing is more than an abstraction, he has co-authored/co-edited most of his 9 books and more than 250 chapters, journal articles and conference papers.

Courses and Programs taught by Duane Roen