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Gabriel Said Reynolds

Course Instructor at University of Notre Dame

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About Me

Gabriel Said Reynolds is Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology in the Department of Theology at Notre Dame. He is the author of The Qur'ān and Its Biblical Subtext (Routledge 2010) and The Emergence of Islam (Fortress, 2012), as well as editor of The Qur'ān in Its Historical Context (Routledge 2008) and New Perspectives on the Qur'ān: The Qur'ān in Its Historical Context 2 (Routledge 2011). His latest book will be released in Spring 2018 with Yale University Press: The Qurʾan and the Bible: Text and Commentary. Prof. Reynolds also serves as the chair of the Executive Board of the International Qurʾanic Studies Association. In his spare time he follows Notre Dame football, plays soccer, and watches Bollywood movies.

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