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Henk Noorman

About Me

Henk Noorman was trained as Chemical Engineer from Groningen University (NL). He obtained a PhD in Biotechnology from Delft University of Technology (NL), on microbal systems modeling (1991). He became a post-doc fellow in a Nordic research consortium, and co-ordinated a fermentation scale-up project among academic groups in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. He then joined Gist-brocades and DSM in Delft (NL, 1994) and worked on fermentation development and implementation projects, mainly in the area of antibiotics and biobased chemicals. He also has been project manager for innovation projects. Henk Noorman is currently working as Corporate Scientist Bioprocess Technology in the DSM Biotechnology Center and involved in numerous projects in Industrial Biotechnology, Food Specialties, Anti-Infectives, and the Corporate Research Program. In addition to this he is honorary professor at TU Delft working on Bioprocess Design and Integration.

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