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Jacques Lévy

Professor at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

About Me

Jacques Lévy is a geographer and an urbanist. He his professor (E) at EPFL and professor at Rheims University. He his member of the Chôros rhizome. His major topics are epistemology of social sciences, social theory of space, urbanity, globalisation, Europe, and cartography. He is co-director of the online journal of social sciences He has achieved several research projects, including theoretical reflections and field studies on global metropolises and urban and regional planning. He is working on the introduction of non-verbal, namely audio-visual languages, in all dimensions of academic research. He has published hundreds of articles and numerous books. He has been the director of a manifesto scientific film, Urbanity/ies (2013). In 2018, he has been awarded the Vautrin Lud Prize, the major international award in Geography.

Courses and Programs taught by Jacques Lévy