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Janet Silbernagel

Prof. at University of Wisconsin–Madison

About Me

I am a professor for landscape ecology with a design background, specializing in landscape conservation strategies, applying landscape ecological theory, scenario modeling, and geospatial analyses. I am director of professional graduate programs for the Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a strongly international focus. I am President-elect of the US Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology , and co-editor of the Springer Landscape Series. In scholarship practice, I design and evaluate conservation strategies for nature and people using robust geospatial analyses, tools, scenario modeling, and citizen science. This expertise stems from my education in forest and cultural ecology, landscape ecology, and landscape architecture. I have an established career beginning in forest management, applied landscape ecology, and landscape architecture with the US Forest Service, followed by over 20 years of academic teaching and research.

Courses and Programs taught by Janet Silbernagel

1 course