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Jenny Gore

Professor at The University of Newcastle, Australia

Areas of expertise

  • Specialist studies in education
  • Curriculum and pedagogy

Major works

  • 2005 Louden W, Rohl M, Gore JM, McIntosh A, Greaves D, Wright R, et al., Prepared to Teach. An Investigation into the Preparation of Teachers to Teach Literacy and Numeracy, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, WA, 144
  • 1996 Gore JM, Controversias entre la pedagogi´as : discursos cri´ticos y feministas como regimenes de verdad, Ediciones Morata, Madrid
  • 1995 Gore JM, Emerging Issues in Teacher Education, Murdoch University, Murdoch
  • 1993 Gore JM, The Struggle for Pedagogies : Critical and Feminist Discourses as Regimes of Truth, Routledge, New York
  • 1992 Gore JM, Feminisms and Critical Pedagogy, Routledge, New York

About Me

Laureate Professor Jenny Gore is Director, Teachers and Teaching Research Centre in the School of Education at the University of Newcastle and Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford. In November 2017, Jenny was named University of Newcastle’s first female Laureate Professor and first Laureate in the humanities and social sciences.

Widely published, her research centres on quality and equity, teacher development, pedagogical reform, and enhancing student outcomes. Her current agenda focuses on the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds on teachers and students and the formation of educational aspirations during schooling.

Courses and Programs taught by Jenny Gore