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Justine Limpitlaw

Electronic Communications Law Consultant and Visiting Adjunct Professor, LINK Centre at Wits University

About Me

Prof Justine Limpitlaw is an independent communications law consultant who specialises in broadcasting, media, telecommunications, and space and satellite law. Her broadcasting-related experience includes work for a number of South Africa’s leading broadcasting and over-the-top service providers -- commercial, public and community. She has extensive experience in broadcasting licensing processes, including digital terrestrial television (DTT) and satellite television service. She is also an expert in drafting legislation, regulations and policies for broadcasting -- including codes of conduct for broadcasters and model broadcasting laws -- and has extensive experience in competition, local content, and independent television production matters. Limpitlaw has her BA LLB from Wits University and her LLM from Yale University.

Courses and Programs taught by Justine Limpitlaw