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Karlis Berkolds

Full Time Researcher at Riga Technical University

Areas of expertise

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Electronics and embedded systems
  • Hardware based deep learning neural networks

Major works

  • Lots of practical seminars and workshops on robotic fundamentals, electronics and embedded systems for high school teachers and pupils
  • Patent application P-17-87 “Deep hardware neural network image recognition architecture”
  • K.berkolds „Image recognition with hardware neural networks” in proceedings of 15th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, 2016, pp 10 – 16.

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About Me

Karlis Berkolds is a full time researcher at Riga Technical University, Department of artificial intelligence and systems engineering. His research focuses on hardware based deep learning artificial neural networks. He received his master degree in computer science in 2017. Currently works on his PhD research focusing on deep learning neural networks.

Courses and Programs taught by Karlis Berkolds

1 course in a series


IoT: from hardware to practice

Professional Certificate
3 courses