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Lars M. Blank

Head of Institute of Applied Microbiology at RWTH Aachen University

About Me

Lars M. Blank is professor and head of the Institute of Applied Microbiology at RWTH Aachen and he is Associate Editor of Engineering in Life Sciences, Microbial Biotechnology, Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, and Metabolic Engineering Communication. His research focuses on fundamental and applied aspects of microbial metabolism, with the ultimate goal of rational cell engineering. Of specific interest is the interaction between the metabolic network and the introduced genetic and environmental perturbations. In his teaching, Lars M. Blank focuses on the integration of biological concepts with the tools from bioinformatics and engineering. He believes that a sound knowledge base in the life sciences is key for creative and thus successful work in the areas of Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology.

Courses and Programs taught by Lars M. Blank

1 course