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M D Atrey

Faculty, Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay

About Me

Dr Atrey joined the IIT Bombay Mechanical Engineering Department in 2005 as Associate Professor, and became Professor in 2009. He received his PhD from IIT Bombay in 1991 and worked as post-doctoral fellow at University of Giessen, Germany. Before joining IIT Bombay, he worked for 12 years with three different industries. His research work is focused on Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering. He has developed several low temperature systems using refrigerators for gas cooling, for gas condensation, magnet cooling, electronics cooling, etc. His recent research interests are Cryogenic Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes at low temperatures and Cryosurgery. At IIT Bombay, he teaches Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for undergraduate students, as well as Cryogenic Engineering for graduate students.

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