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Marcel H. Zwietering

Full Professor in Food Microbiology at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • Food Microbiology (Food Technology, Food Sciences, Microbiological Food Safety, Food Fermentation, Food Preservation, Food Quality, Food Spoilage, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Quantitative modelling, Microbiological Criteria, Sampling)

Major works

  • Modeling of the Bacterial Growth Curve. M.H. Zwietering, I. Jongenburger, F.M. Rombouts, K. van 't Riet. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 56, 1990, 1875-1881.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment: Is More Complex Always Better ? Simple Is Not Stupid and Complex Is Not Always More Correct. Marcel H. Zwietering. International Journal of Food Microbiology 134, 2009, 5762.
  • Future Challenges to Microbial Food Safety. Arie H. Havelaar, Stanley Brul, Aarieke de Jong, Rob de Jonge, Marcel H. Zwietering, Benno H. ter Kuile. International Journal of Food Microbiology 139, 2010: S79-S94.
  • Risk assessment and risk management for safe foods: Assessment needs variability and uncertainty, management needs discrete decisions. Marcel H. Zwietering. International Journal of Food Microbiology 213, 2015, 118-123.
  • Operationalising a performance objective with a microbiological criterion using a risk-based approach. M.H. Zwietering, L.G.M. Gorris, J.M. Farber and the Example 5A Codex Working Group. Food Control 58, 2015, 33-42.
  • doi:10.1016/j.foodcont.2014.07.042
  • Relevance of Microbial Finished Product Testing in Food Safety Management. Marcel Zwietering, Liesbeth Jacxsens, Jeanne-Marie Membré, Maarten Nauta, Mats Peterz. Food Control 60, 2016, 31-43.

About Me

Professor Marcel H. Zwietering has been full professor in Food Microbiology at Wageningen University (WU), The Netherlands, since 2003. Before that time he worked with Danone in France for five years, and worked as associate professor at Wageningen University, where he also obtained his PhD degree. Next to teaching and research he is a member of several national committees (like the Health Council of the Netherlands and the Committee on Safety Assessment of Novel Foods), and advisory boards ( of the RIVM and the Dutch Food Safety Authority) and member, chair, or vice-chair of many international committees (IAFP, ICPMF, ILSI-Europe, ICMSF). Furthermore he frequently serves as expert in scientific panels (ILSI, FAO/WHO, EFSA, Codex working groups) and as scientific advisor for food industries and public organisations. Marcel is Editor of the International Journal of Food Microbiology, and member of the Editorial board of the Journal of Food Protection and the International Journal of Microbiology.

Courses and Programs taught by Marcel H. Zwietering