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Marguerite Johnson

Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Social Science (Classics) at The University of Newcastle, Australia

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About Me

Marguerite Johnson is Associate Professor of Ancient History and Classical Languages at The University of Newcastle, Australia. She is an interdisciplinary cultural historian of the ancient Mediterranean, and a comparative cultural analyst. Her methodology privileges literary-informed cultural paradigms, underpinned by the theoretical praxes of both gender and post-colonial theories. Her research expertise is predominantly in ancient Mediterranean cultural studies, particularly in representations of gender, sexualities and the body. She is especially interested in the ways in which the ancients write about women. She also works in Classical Reception Studies, with an emphasis on colonial Australasia. She was a research collaborator on the ARC Discovery Project, 'Plato's Myth Voice: The Identification and Interpretation of Inspired Speech in Plato,' with colleagues from The University of Newcastle, The University of Sydney and Monash University. This project used recent discoveries about the language of ancient myths, oracles and allegories to understand similar discourse in Plato and the Platonic tradition. Total funding: $314,557.

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