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Mary Rickel-Pelletier

Founding Director at Park Watershed

Areas of expertise

  • Design Processes
  • Integrative Urban Design
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Citizen Engagement

Major works

Rickel-Pelletier, Mary and Morrison, Joan, Municipal Conservation Reference, City of Hartford, 2017.

Rickel-Pelletier, Mary, “Green Infrastructure for Blue Urban Watersheds.”, Green Community, eds. Piedmont-Palladino, Susan, and Mennel Timothy, Washington DC, American Planning Museum and the National Building Museum, 2009, pp 96 - 103.

Rickel-Pelletier, Mary, “Criteria for a Greener Metropolis.”, The Humane Metropolis: People and Nature in the 21st Century City, ed Platt H., Rutherford, Boston, University of Massachusetts Press with Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2006, pp 261 - 277.

Rickel-Pelletier, Mary, editor, Sustainable Architecture White Papers, Earth Pledge Foundation, New York City, 2000.

Social links

About Me

Mary Rickel-Pelletier is the Founding Director of Park Watershed, a 501c3 urban-suburban environmental stewardship organization. Mary advances sustainability concepts through writing, dynamic sharing and implementation of green pilot projects. In 1999 Mary coordinated the first NYC project (Earth Pledge Foundation) to utilize lightweight green roof product materials. She developed the first high-performance green school training program for the Philadelphia metro area in 2002. She has a Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

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