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Michael Kangas

Ph.D. at Doane University

About Me

Dr. Michael Kangas earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Carthage College in 2004, and a Ph. D. in inorganic chemistry from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2012. At LSU, his research focused on solid state chemistry. This work resulted in 16 scientific publications, and he has presented his work at many national conferences. In addition to the academic work at the institutions where he earned his degrees, Dr. Kangas also has extensive experience in industry where he specialized in analytical chemistry and quality control. Dr. Kangas has also worked in the healthcare information technology industry, where he acquired great expertise in software design, coding, and evaluation of software applications. In 2015, Dr. Kangas joined Dr. Holmes’ research group at Doane University in the Department of Chemistry. His work at Doane University is dedicated to analyzing colorimetric sensor arrays with various statistical methods. He is an expert in “R”, Image-J, principal component analysis, and more. Most recently, Dr. Kangas has developed and tested smart phone apps for the analysis of colorimetric arrays.

Courses and Programs taught by Michael Kangas

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