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Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep

Lead Environmental Specialist at the World Bank at World Bank Group

About Me

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep (Harsh) is the Global Lead for Disruptive Technology in the Environment and Natural Resources Management Global Practice and a Lead Environmental Specialist at the World Bank, leading efforts to promote use of modern technologies and to facilitate integrated multi-sectoral approaches in a spatial context. In over 23 years at the Bank, he has led and supported several environmental, water, and natural resources projects and studies/policy support around the world, primarily in Africa and Central, South and East Asia. This includes work on transboundary watersheds (Nile, Aral Sea, Ganges, Indus, Amazon, Lake Victoria, Mekong Delta), integrated watershed/basin planning and management, climate resilience and disaster management, pollution, irrigation, biodiversity, environmental assessments, capacity development, monitoring systems, and analytical/decision support tools. At the World Bank, he has served as a Global Lead for Watersheds and also co-leads the Bank’s HydroInformatics focal area. A particular focus has been on the development and use of new technologies, including leading a new activity on exploring emerging disruptive technologies for sustainable development and he represents the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice in the World Bank Group Disruptive Technology Network. His work on spatial data and analytics includes leading the development of interactive spatial Apps (such as “Spatial Agent” to improve public domain geospatial data access, visualization, and analysis and the evolving global HydroInformatics Platform) as well as innovative interactive e-books for outreach. Earlier, he worked with other international organizations, in academia, and in the private sector on issues ranging from wetlands management and environmental indicators to New York City water supply systems and Middle East water conflicts. He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras), a Masters in Environmental and Resource Engineering from Syracuse, and a Ph.D. in Water Resources and Environmental Systems from Harvard University.

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