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Nitin R. Joglekar

Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Boston University

Areas of expertise

  • - Digital Product Management
  • - Startup and Growth of Product, and Supply Chain Operations
  • - Technology Readiness and Commercialization

Major works

  • _Are More Frequent Releases Always Better? Dynamics of Pivoting, Scaling, and the Minimum Viable Product. _Anderson, E., Lim, S., & Joglekar, N. (HICSS 2017).
  • _Book - The innovation butterfly: Managing emergent opportunities and risks during distributed innovation. _Anderson, E. & Joglekar, N. (Springer 2012).
  • _Marketing, R&D, and Startup Valuation. _ Joglekar, N., & Levesque, M. (IEEE TEM 2009).
  • _Performance of Coupled Product Development Activities with a Deadline. _Joglekar, N., Yassine, A., Eppinger, S., & Whitney, D. (Management Science, 2001).

About Me

Nitin R. Joglekar is on the faculty at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. His interests involve Digital Product Management Thinking (DPMT), deployment of analytics and machine learning techniques in innovation processes, and digitization & public policy issues in global supply chains. In addition to his academic career, he has overseen product management and supply chain implantations at established firms, and founded a software startup. He holds degrees in engineering from IIT, Memorial University, and MIT. He also holds a doctorate in management science from the MIT Sloan School. Professor Joglekar is the department editor for Technology, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship at IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He is also a department editor for industry studies and public policy at Production and Operations Management.

Courses and Programs taught by Nitin R. Joglekar


Digital Product Management

MicroMasters® Program
5 courses