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Nobuyuki Hasebe

Professor at Waseda University

Areas of expertise

  • - Radiation Physics
  • - Radiation Pertinent Physics
  • - Cosmic Ray Physics
  • - Space Science
  • - Nuclear Planetary Science

Major works

- Haseba, N., Kim, KJ., Shibamura, E., Sakurai K., (2017) Nuclear Planetary Science: Planetary Science Based on Gamma-Ray, Neutron and X-Ray Spectroscopy World Scientific

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About Me

Nobuyuki HASEBE is a Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Pure and Applied Physics/Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan. His research began at the Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo, Japan, and then at Ehime University, Japan. In 1998 he joined Waseda University. His research fields are: Radiation Physics, Radiation Pertinent Physics, Cosmic Ray Physics, Space Science, and Nuclear Planetary Science. He is the Principal Investigator of the KAGUYA Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS) on the lunar orbiter SELENE (KAGUYA). He has participated in many space missions (OHZORA, GIOTTO, GEOTAIL, NOZOMI, KAGUYA, etc.) and developed scientific instruments used on-board spacecraft. He has published more than 300 proceedings and papers in science journals, and has served as a referee in many international journals. He has also organized a number of international workshops and conferences in radiation detection and lunar science and also regularly acts as a referee/adviser for several Japanese committees.

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