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Olga Tikhomirova

PhD, associate professor, the Chief of Master’s Program “Transfer Technology” Department of Technologies Management and Innovations at ITMO University

Areas of expertise

  • Theory of business and entrepreneurship
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Project management

Major works

1. Stowell F., Espejo R., Tikhomirova O.G., Moore R., Mabin V., Roderick I., Schopf J., Evenstad S., Wainwright D., Waring T., Hart P., West D., Masys A.Systems Research for Real-World Challenges. Cp.2. Sustainable Development and the Sustainability of Socioeconomic Systems / Olga Tikhomirova//Systems Research for Real-World Challenges, IET - 2018, pp. 33-66 2. Tikhomirova O.G. Sustainable development and the sustainability of socioeconomic systems // Systems Research for Real-World Challenges - 2018, pp. 33-66 3. Tikhomirova O.G. Organizational culture: creation, development, evaluation. Moscow, INFRA-M, 2018. 4. Tikhomirova O.G. Project Management: complex analysis and system approach. Moscow, INFRA-M, 2017. 5. Tikhomirova O.G. Project Management: practical course. Moscow, INFRA-M, 2017.

About Me

In 2013 Olga has been awarded with Golden Medal of European Quality. Olga is author of more than 70 scientific papers, 11 monographs.

Courses and Programs taught by Olga Tikhomirova