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Patricia Anderson

Emerging Technologies Informationist at Taubman Health Sciences Library, The University of Michigan

About Me

Patricia F. Anderson is the Emerging Technologies Informationist at the Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan — Ann Arbor. In this position she has made apps, comics, a video game; taught workshops and built a library collection (with alien and animal costumes!) in a virtual world; 3D printed cool stuff, and soldered chips on circuit boards, which officially makes this the coolest job ever. Her job lets her hangout with the microbiome researchers, precision medicine folk, and get to talk about her explorations in personal genomics. She publishes on social media (especially in cancer communities), online health and search engines, wearables, text mining and tech mining (which are different things), textual analysis, and systematic reviews. In a previous life, Patricia was the senior co-author of the Medical Library Association Encyclopedic Guide to Searching and Finding Health Information on the Web. In other words, she happily revels in geekery of many sorts.

Courses and Programs taught by Patricia Anderson