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Ewout Frankema

Professor and Chair of Rural and Environmental History at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • - Global history
  • - Economic history
  • - Economic growth and development
  • - African history
  • - State formation

Major works

Frankema, E. (2009). Has Latin America Always Been Unequal? A Comparative Study of Asset and Income Inequality in the Long Twentieth Century, Global Economic History Series, Volume 3, Brill: Boston, Leiden. Frankema, E. & Buelens, F. (eds.) (2013). Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development: The Belgian Congo and the Netherlands Indies Compared. Routledge Explorations, in Economic History Series: London. Frankema, E. (2015). The Biogeographic Roots of World Inequality. Animals, Disease and Human Settlement Patterns in Africa and the Americas before 1492, World Development, 70: 274–285 Frankema, E. (2014). Africa and the Green Revolution - A Global Historical Perspective, NJAS Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, 70-71: 17-24. Frankema, E. & van Waijenburg, M. (2012). Structural Impediments to African Growth? New Evidence from British African Real Wages, 1880-1965, Journal of Economic History, 72(4): 895-926.

About Me

Ewout Frankema is professor and chair of Rural and Environmental History at Wageningen University and elected member of the Young Academy of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences. His research focuses on a deeper understanding of the long-term economic history of developing regions (Africa, Latin America, Asia). His work is based on a holistic conception of historical evolutionary processes in which he aims to link the distinctive fields of economic and social history, colonial history, rural history, neo-institutional economics, political economy and environmental history. Frankema is a board member of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, the African Economic History Network (AEHN) and the Center for Global Economic History (CGEH), research fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and editorial board member of the Economic History of Developing Regions (EHDR).

Courses and Programs taught by Ewout Frankema

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3 courses