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Hilde Bras

Personal Professor of Global Comparative Demography at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • - Food and nutrition security
  • - Social inequality
  • - Demography
  • - Life course sociology
  • - Family sociology

Major works

Madjdian, D. & Bras, H. (2015). Family, gender, and women’s nutritional status: a comparison between two Himalayan communities in Nepal, Economic History of Developing Regions, 31(1): 198-223 Bras, H. (2015). Inequalities in Food Security and Nutrition: A Life Course Perspective. Inaugural lecture. Wageningen University. Bras, H. (2014). Structural and diffusion effects in the Dutch fertility transition 1870-1940. Demographic Research, 30(5): 151-186. Bras, H., Bavel, van, J. & Mandemakers, K. (2013). Unraveling the intergenerational transmission of fertility: Genetic and shared-environment effects during the demographic transition in the Netherlands, 1810-1910. The History of the Family, 18(2): 116-134. Bras, H., Liefbroer, A. & Elzinga, C. (2010). Standardization of pathways to adulthood? An analysis of Dutch cohorts born between 1850 and 1900. Demography, 47(4): 1013-1034.

About Me

Hilde Bras (1968) is full professor and chair of the Sociology of Consumption and Households Group (SCH) at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Utrecht University/ICS. She has published extensively on demographic and life course outcomes, including marriage, fertility, migration and status attainment, on social changes in families and households, and on sibling differences and effects. She received prestigious grants for her work on siblings (VENI, Medium Investment) and for her research on family influences on fertility (VIDI, ASPASIA). She is co-editor-in-chief of The History of the Family: An International Quarterly. Her current research focuses on inequalities in food and nutrition security within and across households, and particularly on the causes and effects of inadequate food access in the life courses of women, children and adolescents.

Courses and Programs taught by Hilde Bras

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