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Du Xiangwan

Specializing in applied nuclear physics, laser technology and energy research at

About Me

Prof. Du Xiangwan, male, specializing in applied nuclear physics, laser technology and energy research. Prof. Du was born on Apr. 29, 1938 in Nanyang, Henan Province, China. He graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute of the Soviet Union in 1964. He was vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), research fellow and senior scientific advisor of China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). He was in charge of systematic research on diagnostic theory of nuclear tests and neutron physics of nuclear weapon. He served as a chief scientist in China’s new power laser research and drove China’s several new types of power laser technologies such as chemical oxygen-iodine laser to reach the world’s most advanced levels. He has been director of the committee of experts in the field of advanced defense technology of the 863 Program since 2001. Prof. Du was elected member of CAE in 1997 and foreign member of Russia Academy of Engineering Science in 2006. He has been vice president of CAE since 2002 and has played a leading role in the consulting work on China’s energy development strategy such as Research on China 2020 Renewable Energy Development Strategy, Research on China Energy Medium and Long Term (2030, 2050) Development Strategy and Re-consideration of Nuclear Energy Development, etc. He is currently the deputy head, National Energy Expert Advisory Committee. Prof. Du has participated in addressing climate change. He has been in charge of the study of scientific and technologic issues concerning addressing climate change. He is currently honorary chairman of the National Expert Committee of Climate Change. He was advisor of Chinese Delegation to COP UNFCCC at Copenhagen, Durban, Doha, Cancun, Warsaw and Paris where he elaborated on efforts China needs to make in carbon intensity reduction and presented China’s determination in active commitment and achievement of goals in terms of energy. Prof. Du was honored with one top prize, one first prize and two second prizes of the National Award for Science and Technology Progress and dozens of ministry- and commission-level first and second prizes. He won the Ho Leung Ho Lee science & Technology Progress Award in 2000. 杜祥琬 杜祥琬(1938.4.29- ),男,应用物理、强激光技术和能源战略专家。 杜祥琬生于河南省南阳市,原籍开封。1964年毕业于苏联莫斯科工程物理学院。中国工程物理研究院研究员、高级科学顾问,中国工程院原副院长。曾主持我国核试验诊断理论和核武器中子学的精确化研究;曾任国家863计划激光专家组首席科学家,是我国新型强激光研究的开创者之一,推动我国新型高能激光技术跨入世界先进行列,2001年后任863计划先进防御技术领域专家委员会主任。 杜祥琬于1997年当选为中国工程院院士,2006年当选为俄罗斯国家工程科学院外籍院士,2002年当选中国工程院副院长。主持了中国工程院“中国2020年可再生能源发展战略研究”、“中国能源中长期(2030、2050)发展战略研究”、“我国核能发展的再研究”等我国能源发展战略重大咨询研究项目,现任国家能源专家咨询委员会副主任。 杜祥琬致力于全球应对气候变化的研究工作,主持研究了中国工程院“应对气候变化的科学技术问题研究”等重大咨询研究项目,现任第三届国家气候变化专家委员会名誉主任。作为中国代表团高级顾问先后参加了哥本哈根至巴黎等联合国气候变化大会和国际交流,宣讲了中国在应对气候变化方面所做的务实行动和艰苦努力。 杜祥琬获国家科技进步特等奖一项、一等奖一项、二等奖两项,部委级一、二等奖十多项。2000年获何梁何利科技进步奖。

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