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Sheizaf Rafaeli

Professor at University of Haifa

About Me

Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli is founder and Head of the Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Naeman Institute of the Technion. Rafaeli is cofounder and editor of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication. He holds a PhD from Stanford University. Sheizaf studies the design, use and impact of online systems, and is interested in managerial, educational, social, business, and political aspects of information systems. His work has been cited over 10000 times in the scientific literature. He has served as visiting professor at a number of major universities including the University of Michigan, Stanford University, the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Technion, University of Sydney, Hong Kong University, Fudan University, Michigan State University, CIIM, IDC and more. Sheizaf writes a weekly column for the financial press. He is a former (two term) head of the Graduate School of Management at the University of Haifa. Sheizaf produced a radio series for the broadcast university. He is a board member for several NGOs. Sheizaf is a member of the management of the national Center of Excellence (ICORE) for the study of Learning in the Networked Society (LINKS).

Courses and Programs taught by Sheizaf Rafaeli