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Rijk Mercuur

PhD Researcher on Social Artificial Intelligence, Delft University of Technology at Delft University of Technology

Major works

Mercuur, R., Dignum, V., & Jonker, C. (2017). Using Values and Norms to Model Realistic Social Agents. In Proceedings of Social Simulation 2017(p. (in press)).
Mercuur, R., Dignum, V., & Jonker, C. (2017) The Use of Values for Modeling Social Agents. In The Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Smart Simulation and Modelling for Complex Systems.
Mercuur, R., Dignum, F., & Kashima, Y. (2017). Changing Habits Using Contextualized Decision Making. In Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Vol. 528).
Mercuur, R. (2015). Interventions on Contextualized Decision Making : an Agent-Based Simulation Study. Master Thesis. Utrecht University.

About Me

Rijk Mercuur is a PhD Researcher on Social Artificial Intelligence at Delft University of Technology. He investigates to what extent a social model of humans can improve computer simulations. He uses these simulations to study important social systems: environmental commuting, environmental dining, basic income or hospitals. Rijk graduated cum laude at Utrecht Universities master's program in Artificial Intelligence in 2015.

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