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Ronitt Rubinfield

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT

About Me

Ronitt Rubinfeld is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Her current interests include randomized and sublinear time algorithms. In particular, she is interested in what can be understood about data by looking at only a very small portion of it. Rubinfeld has served on the program committees of numerous conferences in theoretical computer science and is on the editorial board of the Theory of Computing Systems Journal. She is a co-chair of the DIMACS Special Focus on Network Security.

Ronitt Rubinfeld是MIT电气工程和计算机科学系的一名教授。 她目前的兴趣包括随机算法和次线性时间算法。 她对透过观察数据中非常小的样本来理解数据尤为感兴趣。 Rubinfeld曾在关于理论计算机科学的数次会议中担任程序委员会委员,也是《计算系统理论》期刊的编委。 她是DIMACS“网络安全特别关注”的联合主席。

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