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Ryoichi Yamamoto

Professor, Chemical Engineering at Kyoto University

Areas of expertise

  • - Soft Matter Science
  • - Computational Science
  • - Transport Phenomena

Major works

Hydrodynamic interactions of self-propelled swimmers, John J. Molina, Yasuya Nakayama, and Ryoichi Yamamoto. Dynamics of Highly Supercooled Liquids; Heterogeneity, Rheology, and Diffusion, Ryoichi Yamamoto and Akira Onuki.

Social links

About Me

Ryoichi was born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan in 1965. He obtained his B. Eng. (1988) and M.Eng. (1992) degrees from Kobe University and Ph.D. (1996) degree from Kyoto University. He was a research associate at Kobe University (1994-1996), a research associate (1996-1999) and a lecturer (2000-2004) at the Department of Physics, Kyoto University, an associate professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University (2004-2008). Since 2008, he has been a professor there. He works on dynamical problems of soft matters (complex fluids, glasses, polymers, and colloids) and active matters (micro-swimmers and cells) by developing and using novel methods of computer simulations suitable for those systems.

Courses and Programs taught by Ryoichi Yamamoto