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Ryu Keun-kwan

Professor and Chair, Dept of Economics at Seoul National University

Major works

"Structural Duration Analysis of Management Data," Journal of Econometrics, 57(1-3), 91-115, 1993.
“An Extension of Marshall and Olkin’s Bivariate Exponential Distribution," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 88(424), 1458-1465, 1993.
"Group Duration Analysis of the Proportional Hazard Model - Minimum Chi-Squared Estimators and Specification Tests," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 89(428), 1386-1397, 1994.
"Analysis of Continuous-Time Proportional Hazard Model Using Discrete Duration Data," Econometric Reviews, 14(2), 299-313, 1995.
"Consistent, Positive-definite Covariance Matrix Estimation of Heckman`s Two-step Estimators," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 2, 65-76, 1996.
"Stock Market Reaction to the 1974 LIFO Adoption: an Application of Sample Selectivity Model," (with Wai-Nang Po), Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 3(2), 33-63, 1997.
"Econometric Analysis of Mixed Parameter Models," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 5(2), 113-124, 1999.
"The recall and new job search of laid-off workers: A bivariate proportional hazard model with unobserved heterogeneity," (with B. Fallick), Review of Economics and Statistics, 89, 313-323, 2007.
"Relationship between management ownership and firm value among the business group affiliated firms in Korea," (with J. Yoo), Journal of Comparative Economics, 39(4), 557-576, 2011.
"Plastic Surgery: Investment in Human Capital or Consumption?," (with Soohyung Lee), Journal of Human Capital, 6(3), 224-250, 2012.

About Me

Over the years 1986~1990 at Stanford University, Keunkwan Ryu finished both Ph.D. in Economics and M.S. in Statistics. Right after finishing his Ph.D., he taught Economics at UCLA as Assistant Professor for 5 years until he returned to his alma mater Seoul National University in 1995. Since then, he has been with the Seoul National University for the past 23 years. His research interests include theoretical/applied antitrust issues, econometrics theoretical/applied econometrics, applied microeconomics, education, empirical/corporate finance, and empirical research on the Korean economy. He has published many papers, articles and book chapters and textbooks. His academic papers have appeared in journals like JASA, Journal of Econometrics, Review of Economics and Statistics. He often taught graduate econometrics courses at Stanford University as visiting Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor over the period 1998 through 2006. His research deals with many different kinds of data, including of course Big Data. He is currently Chairman, Department of Economics and Director, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University.

Courses and Programs taught by Ryu Keun-kwan