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Sakura Ookayama

Teaching Assistant at Tokyo Institute of Technology

About Me

Sakura Ookayama is a high school student who lives near Tokyo Tech. When she was young, she often played with her friends on the main promenade at Tokyo Tech where the cherry trees are in blossom every spring. She was named after Sakura which means cherry blossoms in Japanese. 東京工業大学の近くに住んでいる女子高校生。子どもの頃は、春になると満開の桜 が見られる大学のウッドデッキでよく遊んでいた。その桜から、さくらという名前 がつけられた。 Ⓒ 2017 Tokyo Institute of Technology, All rights reserved. Illustrated by Studio Fake

Courses and Programs taught by Sakura Ookayama